MiniCMS is an ongoing project for me to practice PHP development where I recreate a basic and barebone CMS with simple standard features (posts, categories, pages, comments, medias, users…) and concerns for PHP best practices and security.

The point is that I do the same site several times, each times with a different set of technologies:

  • Handmade: (see onGitHub) Completely vanilla, procedural PHP so without OOP or any design pattern (minus exceptions).
  • MVC: (see onGitHub) Also no framework, but this time with MVC and simple OOP.
  • Laravel: (coming soon) with Laravel.
  • Symphony (coming soon) with Symphony.

Other Projects

Astroneer Bingo (go to the website, see on Github) is a mini-game where you have to collect/print/research/find all items of a row, column or diagonal of an Astroneer’s themed Bingo card as fast as possible. The cards are customizable (size and what can appear on them) and shareable via a string/URL. But due to the game’s state (early access since december 2016), Bingo is actually not practical at all to play in the game. I had however a lot of fun creating this site in vanilla PHP (+ Bootstrap). I hope the game will evolve to a state where Bingo is fun to play so that I can work more on the site and maybe turn it later in a proper mod.

Markdown Static Site (see on GitHub) is a small vanilla PHP script that lets you easily turn a bunch of Markdown files into a static site. I used it mostly for Daneel’s documentation.

Video Games Chest (see on GitHub), an old project of a website, made with the PHP framework Laravel, that had the goal of facilitating the discovery of video games

Open source contributions :

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