superpowers-logoSuperpowers is a free, open-source, extensible, collaborative tool to create 2D or 3D games and publish them for the web or desktop.

It’s created by the same person/team as Craftstudio, but this time the tool itself (and the games) are made with web technologies (NodeJS, Typescript), which allow to publish natively for the web or even for desktop, via Electron.

Jam Games


A screenshot of Murder at the Residence Gudul

A screenshot of Murder at the Residence Gudul

Superpowers is largely extensible through plugins, so naturally I made some of them for the Game system.

  • fText brings a generic Text asset to Superpowers. With it you can write, JSON, Yaml, HTML, Stylus,  Markdown, etc… with syntactic coloration and linting.
  • fLang allow for easy localization of any in-game strings.
  • fMouseInput makes it super simple to setup interactions between the mouse and actors (the gameobjects).
  • THREE.js definitions. This plugin brings the DOM and Three.js Typescript definitions to Superpowers. This plugin has mostly been the occasion for me to become a contributor to the Definitely Typed repository which hosts the Typescript definitions for many JS libraries, including Three.js. I updated the definitions for Three.js (and a few other libraries) a few times

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