CraftStudio BannerCraftStudio is an all-in-one, collaborative and multiplatform development environment that aims to get the fun out of making video games.

It’s a desktop software in which you create all the game’s assets, including Lua scripts, sprite sheets, 3D models, animation, maps, etc… The projects client/server model allows all assets to be worked on by several people at the same time.

You can find below the projects I have worked on, on my own or in team with CraftStudio:


Daneel is a framework, a bunch of scripts packed together that bring new functionalities, extend and flexibilize Craftstudio’s API as well as sweeten and shorten the code you write.

I started this project in 2013 and it saw many iterations. At the end, the project had quite many features and a full documentation on a dedicated website.

I don’t think anyone used Daneel on their projects but I used it in every single one of my games. Being proficient with it helped me having an embryo of game rolling really quickly, which is always useful when you are on a tight schedule for the jam games.



A random level being completed in Lico.

It’s a more evolved and polished version of Linked Colors (see below). I worked on it from time to time for about a year.

The current build has several menus, a few man-made tutorials and levels, plus a customizable random level generator with shareable seed. The UI can also theoretically rezise itself properly based on the size of the window.

Download + get the sources

Project FPS

It’s a very bare-bone prototype of a generic multiplayer FPS (with server browser, gametypes, …). It was really meant to be a technical challenge for me as I never did a FPS before and I only ever did a multiplayer Pong. And a challenge it was ! It’s definitely one of the most advanced and complex project I worked on with CraftStudio but that also means that I learned so much !

The blue player shoots on the red one. (top-left view: red player, top-right: blue player, bottom: server view)

The blue player shoots on the red one. (top-left view: red player, top-right: blue player, bottom: server view)

Because it kind of works. When I stopped working on it after about a year, these features are working :

  • Servers with config loadable from a .json file.
  • Server Browser
  • In-game chat
  • Admin commands via the chat
  • DM, TDM and CTF gametypes

But there is no client prediction/lag compensation, so it’s practically unplayable online and I am not even sure that the architecture of the network functions would allow to implement that easily. To test the multiplayer, you have to open at least three window, one for the server and two for the clients. Note that the build does not seems to actually work properly

Download + get the sources

Jam Games

A screenshot from Grave Screen of Death

A screenshot from Grave Screen of Death

Other games made alone during Ludum Dare jams or with a team during Global Game Jam.

Other games

Silhouette's title screen with animated letters and shadow

Silhouette’s title screen with animated letters and shadow



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