Daneel, the framework for CraftStudio v1.4.0 is out

It’s already time for a new version of my framework for CraftStudio : Daneel v1.4.0 is out with few new features, but nice improvements !

The two most notable new features are the Draw object that introduce the LineRenderer and CircleRenderer components, as well as the capacity to easily add error reporting and stacktrace to any functions (without modifying or overloading them yourself).

All functions that extends Lua’s built-in library are now in there own file and completely independent from Daneel. You can use this file in any of your project !

Using Daneel in the webplayer in now a lot simpler since all you ave to do is use the provided player.html file.

The documentation layout has also been revamped to be even more cleared.


Here is the full changelog :

  • Daneel :
    • Added Daneel.Debug.RegisterFunction(). Debug information about function arguments can now be set in a Daneel.functionsDebugInfo table to automatically setup stack trace and error reporting.
    • Daneel and modules user config is now set via a UserConfig key on the module object instead of via a global function ModuleNameUserConfig().
  • Extension of Lua’s built-in libraries :
    • Moved functions in a separate Lua script.
    • Added table.setvalue().
    • Added table.mergein() which merge two or more tables in place, into the first provided table (whereas table.merge() returns a new table).
    • table.deepmerge() is deprecated in favor of table.mergein() or table.merge() with the last argument set to true.
  • Extension of CraftStudio’s API :
    • Moved functions and features in a separate CraftStudio script.
    • Added CS.Input.isMouseLocked property and CS.Input.ToggleMouseLock() function.
  • Mouse Input :
    • Added OnWheelUp and OnWheelDown events.
    • Renamed updateInterval property in OnMouseOverInterval.
    • Improved the efficiency of the script.
  • Trigger :
    • Triggers now react properly when both the trigger and the game object have a model or a map. You can do proper model-to-model “collision” when the model’s shapes are simples.
  • Draw :
    • Added Draw module with the LineRenderer and CircleRenderer components.
  • Various fixes/improvements.
  • Added project template to the downloaded package.
  • New documentation layout and system.
  • Easier web player deployment.

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