Markdown Static Site, easily turn markdown files in a static site

Markdown is a file format and concise syntax whose first intent is to be converted to HTML. Today, you have tools to convert markdown in a wide variety of other formats

Because of that, I wrote Daneel’s documentation as well as several upcoming tutorials (more on that soon !) in markdown and I needed a simple way to setup a proper site from these markdown files.

I emphasized “simple” because Daneel’s documentation currently uses the docs bundle of the PHP framework Laravel 3.5. It works like a charm and does exactly want I need but it’s seriously overkill to just browse a bunch of static files !

That’s why I created just a small vanilla PHP script that lets you easily turn a bunch of markdown files into a static site. Basically, all you have to do is access the files through their path and voilĂ . It supports url rewriting as well as ommitting the .md extension in the url out-of-the-box.

Feel free to fork/share/do whatever you want with it !

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