CraftStudio Toolbox

Florent’s Toolbox is a CraftStudio project that contains several assets I found interesting to share.

There are mostly scripts, which are usually independent from each other (some comes from Daneel but were modified to be “standalone”).

You can try to look for the¬†Florent’s Toolbox¬†project on the Community Projects in CS or download the project from this link. You can also check the GitHub repo.

Here is what it contains for now :


  • Camera Control (Move and rotate the camera around)
  • Frustrum Culling (Interact with game objects that enter or leave the camera’s view)
  • Mouse Input (Make the mouse interact with game objects)
  • Spawner (Spawn game objects repeatedly)
  • Timer (Do something when the time’s up)
  • Trigger (Interact with game objects that are within a certain range of the trigger)
  • Event
  • Lang (Localize strings) (also a scripted behavior)
  • math
  • string
  • table
  • Tags (Categorize game objects) (also a scripted behavior)
  • Utils (Some utilities functions)
  • Vector2 (Like Vector3, but with x and y only)


  • Calibri

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