Multiplayer Pong with CraftStudio

In order to test the multiplayer networking and create my first ever multiplayer game, I did a small two-players Pong with CraftStudio. You can access the project through this link or search for Multilayer Pong via the “Community Projects” in CraftStudio. You can also download the project from this link.


I didn’t show it in the video but you can edit the IP you connect to. You can also play solo and switch the paddle you control (the red one) by pressing the space bar.

The project is really basic, I just took the code from Blast Turtle and adapted it to my style and the needs of a game like Pong.

I am done with the project but if you want to improve over it, just ask me so that I give you member role in the project.

You can discuss the game on the community’s forums :

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