Daneel v1.2.0 is out !

Hey everyone !

Daneel came a long way since its beginning and today’s release adds a ton of new features.

I didn’t planned to wait that long to release a new version but cool features kept popping in my head, for the best.

So here are some of the major new features :

GUI components

GUI components allows to easily create classic structures for user interaction as check boxes, radio buttons, progress bar, slider, input field and multiple line text.

Mouse interaction with game objects are also really easy to setup.


They are objects that interpolate a value (or the property of an object) overtime, optionally using an easing equation.

They can be used to create anything from animations (great for menus) to timers.


It’s super easy to setup texts that depends on the user’s language.

    function DaneelLanguageEnglish()
        return {
            greetings = {
                welcome = "Welcome :playername !",

    function DaneelLanguageFrench()
        return {
            greetings = {
                welcome = "Bienvenu :playername !",

    -- get the lines in the current language :
    Daneel.Lang.Get( "greetings.welcome" ) -- returns "Welcome :playername !"
    -- or in any language :
    Daneel.Lang.Get( "french.greetings.welcome" ) -- returns "Bienvenu :playername !"

    -- replace bits of text within the lines :
    Daneel.Lang.Get( "greetings.welcome", { playername = "John" } ) -- returns "Welcome John !"

Game object tags

They are used to group game objects together.

-- Set this game object has being an "enemy"
self.gameObject:AddTag( "enemies" )

-- Get all game objects that have one or several tag(s) :
local allEnemies = GameObject.GetWithTag( "enemies" )

Example projects

Daneel comes with two example projects that you can use to see some examples of how things works together.


The documentation has now its own website (link below). I apologize in advance for typos and weird turn of phrase.


So that was the major new features for this version but there is a lot more of them (new and old). Check the documentation to learn about all of them !

Download v1.2.0

Go to the documentation

What’s next ?

Pretty much every thing can be improved in a way or another and I have already plenty of small improvement in mind throughout the code base. I am committed to make sure that every thing that already exists is as robust and bug-free as it can be. But that does prevent the addition of new features, one of which will be a particle emitter.

Aside from that, from now on, I will also make games because it’s really fun (especially with CraftStudio !) and it’s actually the best way to debug Daneel and find new useful features.

Bye 😉

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