Minimalist Encounter – Ludum Dare 26

I participated to the 26th Ludum Dare challenge that happened this week-end (and still happens for the Jam competitors). As always the goal for the Compo competitors was to create a game alone in a maximum time frame of 48h, based on a theme revealed only at the last second.

I already did it once before, back in August 2012, and once again successfully shipped a game (well, kind of…) just on time. I also did another game in January, but with a team and for the Global Game Jam, another game creation event.

This time the theme was Minimalism, and I choose to reproduce Harvest: Massive Encounter, an already minimalist tower defense game that I enjoyed a lot. I wanted to built a resource management game for a while already, so this LD’s theme was the perfect occasion. Its certainly minimalistic on the inspiration side, but I really wanted to built this one and that was all the motivation I needed.

I tried to reproduce most of the mechanics : rock harvesting, energy production, energy propagation along the nodes (the feature that makes the game very cool and interesting to me) and building construction and functioning using energy.

It’s clearly unfinished and unbalanced, but it’s playable.
Move with arrows, place buildings with the mouse – click on them on the left then on the map (discard with right mouse).

Note that you can not reload the game, you need to exit it and launch it again to reset the level, sorry about that.

Still, I am pretty happy with it. I only worked like 25h on it and lost about 5h trying to fix bugs directly due to my inexperience with the the software and game dev in general.
The good thing is that I feel like I have leveled-up !

It is made entirely with CraftStudio that you can still try for free for a couple of days.
Depending on your OS, you may need XNA or Mono or -I am not sure what- to play.
You can try the web built, but it does not work for me (stays stuck during initializing scripts).

Go Play The Game

The project has now been updated to serve as one of Daneel‘s example projects.

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