Efficiently C# to UnityScript conversion extension for Unity

I already talked back in June about my ambition to built extensions for Unity3D to convert from one scripting language to another.

I am pleased to announce that the months of work have paid of as the first extension enters its beta stage today ! Indeed, the C# to UnityScript extension is now advanced enough for me to publicly announce it and search for a few beta testers.

This extension perform the efficient conversion of C# scripts into UnityScript scripts.
The extension really aims to convert everything that can be done automatically, every C# features that has an equivalent in UnityScript, and take into account every syntactic special cases.
But because C# has features that UnityScript hasn’t, the conversion just can’t be perfect in some case and manual work or even whole refactoring must be done.

The extension can handle the conversion of any number of files as it can convert not just one script but also a whole hierarchy (and reproduce the hierarchy with the converted scripts).

To check the quality of the conversion so far by yourself, you can download the UnityScript version of all 48 C# scripts of the Bootcamp demo converted this morning, in about 30 seconds.

I think such extension can be very useful to devs who would want to code in UnityScript but still benefits from the upcoming Learn Unity service where only C# will be used.

I plan to release a first version to the asset store by the end of the first week of December (in 3 weeks). But in the meantime I am looking for a handful of volunteer beta testers who could put it to the test. If you are interested, you can leave a comment below or respond to the forum thread.

For anyone interested, I already have a working UnityScript to C# extension but I still have have a lot of work to do (I arbitrary set my deadline up for beta (or even release) at the end of January).

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