Major Craftstudio projects

CraftStudio BannerCraftStudio is an all-in-one, dead easy to use, collaborative and multiplatform development environment that aims to get the fun out of making games.

You can find below my major projects related to CraftStudio, as well as many others :

CraftStudio Tool: Daneel

Daneel is a kind of framework, a bunch of scripts packed together that bring new functionalities, extend and flexibilize the API as well as sweeten and shorten the code you write.

I started this project early on and it saw many iterations. At the end the project had quite many features and a full documentation on a dedicated website.

I don’t think anyone used Daneel on their projects but I used it in every single one of my games. Being proficient with it helped me having an embryo of game rolling really quickly, which is always useful when you are on a tight schedule for the jam games.



A random level being completed in Lico.

It’s a more evolved and polished version of Linked Colors (see below).

The current build has several menus, a few man-made tutorials and levels, plus a customizable random level generator with shareable seed. The UI can also theoretically rezise itself properly based on the size of the window.

Last time I worked on it was on February 2015 and since it’s the most advanced game I worked on so far, I may pick it up later that year (2016) to polish it more and hopefully have something working in the web player.

Download + get the sources

Project FPS

Project FPS is the very bare-bone prototype of a generic multiplayer FPS (with server browser, gametypes, …).

Jam Games

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