C# to UnityScript converter


The extension’s page on the Unity official Asset Store

This extension for Unity3D perform the efficient conversion of C# scripts into UnityScript scripts.
The extension really aims to convert everything that can be done automatically, every C# features that has an equivalent in UnityScript, and take into account every syntactic special cases.
But because C# has features that UnityScript hasn’t, the conversion just can’t be perfect in some case and manual work or even whole refactoring must be done.

The extension can handle the conversion of any number of files as it can convert not just one script but also a whole hierarchy (and reproduce the hierarchy with the converted scripts).

Such extension can be very useful to devs who would want to code in UnityScript but still benefits from the upcoming Learn Unity service where only C# will be used. Plus, the conversion of snippet or whole script is always a recurring subject on forums or Unity Answer for instance.

The extension has been developed in 2012 and was on sale on the Unity Asset Store up until recently. Accross the years, I earned a grand total of 400€ thanks to it ! 😀

c-to-unityscript-1 c-to-unityscript-3 c-to-unityscript-2

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