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Florent PoujolHello and welcome on my portfolio/blog.

Being really into programming for years, I am currently most knowledgeable in web development, specifically with PHP and its ecosystem.

My recent projects as well as my past experiences made me master the base concepts that are at the heart of modern web development practices. This ensure for instance fast learning of any high-level framework or CMS.

But I of course enjoy versatility and my knowledge extends to various areas like front-end, devops, mobile apps and even video games development.

So I am currently looking for a job around Strasbourg. The core of it would be backend dev (ideally with PHP) but also allow me to contribute with the team to others parts of the product creation and life-cycle.

You will find on this website:


You can drop me a mail at florent dot poujol at gmail dot com.

Or you can find me on those websites :

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