Web projects


I'm currently (early 2022) the Backend Lead and main senior developer at Freshmile, a charge point operator and (e-)mobility service provider, in France and Europe.
We connect electric vehicle charging stations and the drivers that needs to use them.

Our Tech department provide the software to which the stations, the drivers and other partner networks and providers are connected.
Our Operations department provide all the services to configure the stations, operate the day-to-day supervision and maintenance, provide email and phone support to the drivers etc...

In 2018 we started working on our next generation of software, for which I designed and built most of the backend.
The main apps are two modern and up-to-date Laravel monoliths (a total of 220K LOC/50K LLOC of PHP) with a Vue.js front-end, several business API that are RESTfull or are using SOAP or Websockets, and another Rest-like API for our endusers (drivers) applications built as Vue CLI SPAs and React.js mobile apps.


Smol is an ongoing pet projet similar to my older PHP Standard components (see below) where I implement for fun various small and straightforward but reusable components, with all the niceties of modern PHP8.1.


During about 6 month at the end of 2017/beginning of 2018, after leaving a job as tech support for a web hosting company, I properly trained myself in PHP.
Among other things, I set out to create a mini-CMS with the basic features you would expect like standard login, admin interface, several roles, pages, posts, menus, but also proper units tests etc...

I did it twice, the first time with only vanilla PHP and procedural code, the second time using a more modern approach with OOP, MVC but no framework.

Between these two projects, I set out to implement various standard components -like a router or a dependency injection container- that typically form the building block of frameworks.