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My desk at home, in a dedicated room, with high-speed fiber I'm a self-taught web backend software engineer, with five years of professional experience, from the east of France.

I work primarily with modern PHP and MySQL, as the Principal Backend Engineer and Production Manager at Freshmile, building, maintaining and monitoring our internal applications, based on the Laravel framework.

Despite working mostly with PHP/MySQL until now, I'm open and curious about other backend technologies, particularly Go and PostgreSQL.

I’m product-minded and customer-oriented. I understand that the team's goal is to create value for customers mostly by delivering well-crafted and useful features to a software product.

I care about software quality as I've seen how much faster and confidently it makes you ship.

I'm leaning on the SRE side of software development as I care about operational issues and Production.

Also see my about page for some more informations.

Tech Stack

Professional experience

Since Q1 2018 - Freshmile (Electro-mobility sector)

Q1 2018 / Mid 2019 : Junior PHP Developer

I joined Freshmile as a junior PHP developer, doing standard stuff like working on new features, and especially learning real professional life outside talks on Youtube.

Soon after I joined, the team embarked on a full rewrite and architecture change of the existing application.
I championed switching the framework from CakePHP to Laravel (at the time v5.8) that I had some prior experience with.

Mid 2019 / End of 2021 : Lead Backend Developer

As we were writing the new applications, and the work pilled on, I lead the effort to both design and implement most features, quickly becoming the main and Lead Backend Developer as well as a Domain expert, working on all critical and base systems, including:

In mid-2020 I lead the migration effort to ship the new applications in Production. Followed several harsh months, confronted with the reality of Production, customers, and bugs.
Despite the difficult debut, it was still a turning point for Freshmile and the Operations teams as the new applications were much easier to use and much more feature-full. We continued (and continue today) to develop a lot of new features, bug fixes, and refactors as the scale increases.

As Lead Backend developer, particularly since the new applications were in Production, I had these responsibilities:

Since early 2022 : Principal Backend Engineer & Production Manager

As the EV market continues to soar, and the backlog for features requests, needs for refactors and performance fixes continue to grow, I moved -a little- away from feature work, to focus more on kipping things running.

As such I spent a little less time on feature work and the likes, to spend more time on works more typical of a Principal Engineer or an SRE :

This is also by early 2022 and our switch to PHP8.0 and then 8.1 a few months later that I started being serious about PHP's type system and static analysis in PHP code.
We set up PHPStan and I patiently updated all the code to reach level 0, then 1, then 2, and for now up to level 3.

March 2015 / July 2017 - Ionos (Web hosting)

Level 1 technical support to B2C customers, for a big web hosting company in Europe.
I answered questions by phone and email, mostly about how to set up domain names, SSL certificates, emails, shared hosting, databases, and invoicing.