Learning Resources

Since very early I always liked to help and share my knowledge with others.

So over the years I frequently created tutorials about the stuffs I am passionate about.

PHP 8 type system in-depth, and tools for static analysis

An in-depth description of everything related to PHP8.1+ type system and the tools used for static analysis, that you anfind on Github

Comprendre et maîtriser son hébergement web

From 2015 to 2017, I worked as a technical support staff for a major web hosting company in Europe.

I really had passion about it (well, about the suject, more than the customers...) and since this is a subject quite large and that is very often hard to understand for the non-initiated so I wrote in French a whole series of tutorial about it.

At first I wrote it with the goal that it could be published on OpenClassrooms (a MOOC website that started as a very popular web/tech tutorial sharing website under the name of siteduzero.com), that at the time, had a program for anybody to submit tutorial they wrote, but I never got around to it.

This series of tutorials named "Know and understand your web hosting account" is accessible on my Github account, and handle all subjects related to a (shared) wed hosting account :


CraftStudio was a software to easily create block-based video games, developed around 2011 to 2013.

I was my main tool with which I created several video games, a whole framework, and naturally several tutorials too:


Caskami was the french mapping and modding community for the Call Of Duty and Medal of Honnor video games.

Around 2007, I created the main mapping tutorials for CoD4 on Caskami, improving upon the one created for CoD:UO from which I myself learnt everything.

Unfortunately, the site isn't available any more, but I still found some drafts online here.