About Florent Poujol

I'm a software engineer from the east of France, specialised in backend web development.

I work primarily with modern PHP and the Laravel framework, as the Lead backend developer at Freshmile, building and maintaining our internal applications.

I can dabble in front-end but can't do much more than light edits to pre-existing Vue.js components.
Also, I hate CSS.
I'm actually not really interested in front-end challenges but instead is much more interested in the backend side: performance, security, database design, etc...

Laravel can't be called a bad framework, but working extensively with it over 4 years, several versions of if and PHP itself made me appreciate what it isn't: simple, straightforward, strongly typed and statically analysable code.

Today I strive to create simpler applications, where the framework would be reduced to a minimum, instead of something you are supposed to "embrace" and follow the doctrine of even in your business layer.
I believe that third party code (other dependencies) should be taken into account in the complexity of the app and should as such be considered very carefully before adding one.
Dependencies should then also be reduced to a minimum and that it's in many case better to reimplement simpler features in your projects so that it exactly match your needs and quality level.

Even if PHP may not be the best language for it, embracing its type system and third party static analysers to create "strongly" typed applications (at least as much as PHP allows) is one of the best way today (more than TDD) to make them resilient and easier to maintain.